We are starting see a lot of companies attempt to open up and start to get back to business. As we have over the last few week we will continue to offer some suggestions that can help you and your customers in the new phase of Covid-19.


In this weeks Covid-19 video I talk about how a huge company (watch the video to find out which one) was pushing that their pathogen control process also has a 30 day residual claim. Here is what they state on their website;

This is obviously a mistake by someone in marketing that took some claims and ran with them without checking. The product they say they are disinfecting with has no such residual claim on their EPA approved label.

What is the point of us calling them out? The main thing is advertising like this give the consumer a false sense of security and will impact the credibility of the company for the future. If you have been approached but companies with claims like this ask them to show you the EPA approved label that shows it does what they say. If it is not on the EPA approved label it can’t be claimed.

In last weeks Covid-19 update we offered a generic version of the Pathogen Control Manual. We did this so you can provide proper procedures for pathogen control without specific products being suggested. It is still up if you would like to utilize it.

Go to the video link below and below it is the link to download the “generic” Pathogen Control Manual.Click here to watch the May 14th, 2020 Covid -19 production update. We talk about our production status and allocation, false pathogen claims and much more… and yes I am wearing a bow tie, what the video to find out why.

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